Our travels originate from the ambition to share with other people the discovery we made on the first day of our first trip to India, several years ago: that there is a place, on earth, where everyday life is awe, shock, amazement, is being constantly fascinated by the complexity of colors, shades and fragrances that every moment lived in India arouses in the traveller’s spirit.

For years, this discovery dragged us from one corner of India to another, through adventures and misadventures, passing through the most amazing and horrible of all places. We lived and travelled like the Indians do, we studied so much, and we learned that there is no secret about life that is not revealed while simply walking the streets of this country, strolling the slums of its cities and the ghats of its sacred towns, entering Hindu and Jain temples, Sikh gurudwara, mosques and Sufi shrines, observing the fascinating rituality of religions and the way a billion people deal with daily life in its most diverse shapes, facing the challenges of existence sometimes with fatalism, sometimes with stubbornness, but very often with a smile.

For these reasons, today, we are able to offer to our travel companions an experience which is the fruit of our story and passion, of the sensibility we acquired exploring India for years – from the Himalayas to Kerala, from Varanasi to Kolkata – and of all the lessons we learned from each conversation, from every journey, every misfortune, every stare we happened to give and receive.

We want our travel companions to live that same emotion we feel when we talk about India. We want to give them an adventure, make them discover different paths. We want it to be something personal, singular and authentic as it can be. Most of all, we will strive to make them live this India we talk about, not only glimpse it through a bus window. Our mission is to show our travel companions all those aspects of India which make it so special to us: the influence that sacred and spirituality play on every other aspect of life, the mysticism of wandering ascetics and those religious and exoteric practices still surviving in modern India despite progress; life in the slums and roadside shelters of Indian metropolis; the India of the colossal railway network, with its crowded stations and its long rattling trains; the richness of culture, music and traditions; the India of festivals and huge crowds of pilgrims, but also the India of the more intimate celebrations found in the rural villages and in the houses of poor people; those incredible witnesses of Indian history which are found in the back alleys of big cities like Delhi and Kolkata, in the shape of old colonial buildings and Hindu temples claimed by the jungle, archeological sites converted into open air factories or shelters for stray dogs, ancient mosques and Sufi shrines hidden under a flyover or in the hearth of a working class neighbourhood; the India of unforeseen obstacles, where nothing goes as planned, but it’s always so much better like this.

In order to make you immerse in all these realities –  and to give you an even more intense experience, such as to feel amazed on every kilometre of every journey – we will always travel by land, the old fashioned way, without leaving the Indian soil for a moment. We will travel and sleep on night trains, and we will take ferry boats, auto and pedal rickshaws, buses, paddle boats, the subway and every other mean of transport which can add a touch of authenticity to our adventure. We will eat in the most charming and charismatic restaurants, but also in the streets, where food is even tastier and no fork or spoon is given.

We’ll be in no rush. We will travel without the urgency of those who want to see everything and usually end up seeing nothing. We will travel with a small group, in order to allow us more freedom of movement, and we will be flexible, open to change and open to the unforeseen; without frustration, but with the curiosity to see what opportunities hide in every obstacle and new path.

If we want to offer you such an experience, we cannot be just tour guides, but rather travel companions – hopefully friends – who share this unique journey with you, and professionals who will organize your trip with judgement and every attention to details, because travelling is a damn serious thing.


  • This is not another guided tour of the Golden Triangle. What we offer it’s a unique experience, which is the result of extensive researches and an accurate selection of every place to visit. Our itineraries are studied in such a way as to make you experience the best India has to offer, not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of cultural immersion, diversity, adventure and meaning.
  • Who will accompany you on this journey knows India like very few foreigners. We lived here and we still do. We read and studied India on a few hundreds of books, we lived it in its day to day dimension and we traveled it far and wide. We know the language (we both speak hindi), we know the religions, music, history, traditions, and also a few well kept secrets who never stop to amaze us.
  • We offer a very competitive price, one of the lowest on the market, considering what is included in the price and the duration of the journey. This is possible because we deal with every booking in person, without using intermediaries who can increase the price for the final customer. We understand the value of money earned through hard work, and we want to offer the opportunity to live this adventure to as many people as possible.
  • We offer an all-inclusive service. In the price you pay are included all local transports and with every mean (trains, buses, taxis, boats, etc…), airport pick-up, accommodation in mid-range hotels, three large and healthy meals per day, all tickets for attractions, concerts and other activities. This way, only the flight from your home country, the travel insurance and the tourist Visa are not included in the price, but these you can easily arrange online, also with our assistance. There are no hidden costs you will discover only at the time of payment!
  • The conditions of participation, terms of payment and cancellation are explained in detail here, without leaving any room for misunderstandings or hidden clauses. Everything is managed with transparency and simplicity.
  • We are flexible and prepared to unforeseen events. We’ll leave space and time for our travel companions to explore India on their own, if they want to: we won’t be following you around 24/7.
  • We’ll travel without the urgency to see 15 cities in 15 days; that is the easiest way not to enjoy any of them. Our itinerary has a maximum number of 5 destinations, where we will spend a sufficient number of days, so that we’ll be able to explore them properly and be rested for the next night train and the next destination.
  • We will customize the itinerary in order to include, for every tour, the most spectacular festivals of North India: huge and small, famous or barely known.
  • Traveling with us you will not be a simple client, but one of our travel companions, and we will try to create this atmosphere within the whole group. For this reason, our tours are open to a maximum number of 8 participants.