We are Stefano and Giada, we are a couple of young Italian travelers who spent the last few years working, traveling and volunteering around India. After experiencing so much, we decided to make of India our home, and to turn our passion for traveling into a profession. We live in Varanasi, the holy city on the bank of the river Ganges, and from here we manage our adventure travel business, in which we spend all of our passion for India and the knowledge we gained from our travels and our studies of Indian history, religions, arts and culture. Living in India we never stop learning and be amazed by it, we continue everyday studying, exploring and searching all the secrets that this boundless country holds, always looking for a place, an experience or an emotion for our fellow travelers to live, to make them realize the same sense of wonder we feel everyday when we set foot out of our doorstep. We believe in travelling as a chance to grow, as an occasion to see how much we share with people from such different cultures, to test ourselves and to explore our limits and beliefs, to live incredibly bizarre, amazing, confusing or embarrassing moments, and to add a touch of adventure and color to our lives and memories. We believe a journey to India is especially made of such moments.


I am a traveler and a writer, ex kick-boxer, EMT and aid worker in Africa. I started traveling on my own since my earliest youth, when I was 18, and the first time I came to India I did it riding a third-hand bike, with a road map washed out by the monsoon rains. I lived for a while in Varanasi, where I studied and learned to speak Hindi, I lived in Kolkata, where I volunteered in a hospice for dying and destitute people, and I lived in Ladakh, in the Himalayas, in Delhi and Mumbai. During my travels I had the chance to research and deepen some aspects of India I’ve always been fascinated by, such as classic Hindustani music, Indian literature and history, Sufism, Tantra, Hindu mythology and philosophy. I got to know life in the slums of Indian cities and in the villages of the Tibetan plateau, I attended the Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, I saw the shipyards of Mumbai, the insurrection of Kashmir, the exorcisms of Sufi shrines in Gujarat and the “magicians ghetto” of New Delhi.

Now, together with Giada, I’m living the dream of turning this passion into a job, and our lives into a great adventure.


I am a dreamer and a traveler with a strong passion for drawing and an overactive imagination, and while traveling I love to sketch my adventures on my diary and capture the daily life of the places I explore with my camera. Thanks to my bags-designer job, I was lucky enough to travel abroad quite a lot, and as soon as I came to India I had that strong feeling that it was the place where I wanted to be! So I quit my job and moved to Kolkata, where I was volunteering in a mental-health center for women, while working as a freelance bag designer for a few companies.

During the two years I lived in Kolkata, I got to know its slums, its colorful lanes and its welcoming families, who are always willing to invite you for a chai; I got to learn Hindi and I have been collaborating with some NGO’s and local craftsmen, making handmade fabrics and accessories by using local artistic techniques.

Calcutta enchanted me for its vitality, its contradictions, its smiling people and its hectic and odd (most of the time very tiring!) way of living; above all, Calcutta made me meet Stefano, with whom I share this unconditional love for India and the will to share this passion with our fellow travelers.